How to Decorate a Small Traditional Dining Room

Traditional Dining Room

Decorating a traditional dining room can seem challenging, but not if you know where to look for ideas. These tips will help you create the look you want in a small space. Let’s start with a simple one…

You can take an old-fashioned look and add a splash of fun, contemporary style. Just follow some basic rules. Add more than you take away. It is not necessary to fill the room with antiques or matching antler lamps.

In this style, add extra space and light to the room. Spread out larger furniture that does not take up the whole room and light some area seating instead of a large table. Then put some accent lighting in a dining area that will set off the art on display, which is very common with this type of furniture.

To add elegance to your dining room, consider painting your walls white or neutral tones. Then add rugs to the chairs. Keep a good paint gloss throughout. A warm shade of yellow or pink would be great for an outdoor room. This is the perfect room to enjoy meals by candlelight.

One of the most important details you should take into consideration when designing a small room is the number of windows you have. Smaller rooms can go very long without being heated. You do not need air conditioning, but you will need lighting. Candles and sconces will give the room warmth and that warmth will be permanent.

If you are a great decorator, you can make your dining room feel larger than it really is. There are many ways to design the room. To get the look you want, here are a few suggestions.

Designer Dining Tables: These look great with the right colors and textures. A color theme will complement the overall design. A good idea is to use leather that contrasts with the table top. Wicker furniture is always warm. Use light colored draperies to add warmth and drama to the dining room.

Rugged Furniture: A brown leather chair should match the table. Red color can be used to give the room a unique look. There are many elegant designs of cushions to place in the room for style.

Here is one way to give the room a new color and personality. Use fabric to cover the walls. Use a coordinating shade of white. Add accessories to coordinate colors.

If the room is a bit larger, place a white area rug in the corner. Create a third wall, where light will come in from the window, and create a focal point with the candles.

If the furniture you have is not used much, you can add a few comfortable seating. Create an area for family meals by placing a buffet table. Add a few dining sets to create a more formal or informal environment.

By following these simple guidelines, you can find the look you want in a traditional dining room. Nothing is impossible when you are creative and willing to take the time to make your dreams come true.